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Kitchen Sink Weekly #8

Between my better half being away for most of the weekend, and the fact that I made the normal amount of food anyway, we had leftovers three times last week. Everything came out so good – and all but the meatloaf, which was super tender, were done in under an hour so yay all around! Continue reading “Kitchen Sink Weekly #8”

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Spice Cabinet Deep Dive: Bay Leaves

I sort of piloted this series back in April with my post on Herbes de Provence. Anyone who knows me well could tell you easily that I love well-seasoned food. I’ve learned a lot about spices, herbs, and the seasoning styles and techniques associated with them from having people in my life that are knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge (and also watching a lot of cooking shows and reading cookbooks just to read them) – so much so that I think I took it for granted a little bit and kind of thought most people had similar or complementary knowledge. But when I left the food industry and started spending more time with non-foodies I realized how completely and utterly wrong that was. I found myself in the minority when it came to talking about how to season one thing or the other and “tips and tricks” that were commonplace to me made me seem like a supernatural spice goddess to them.

That’s not really a mantle I could wear, even if I wanted to. My knowledge is cursory when compared to most real chefs, and I’m willing to bet that some of their knowledge is cursory when compared to my Dad’s. He’s not a chef but he loves to cook and he loves to eat – and in the words of our patron saint Julia Child “…one learns by doing.”
Thus, in order to advance both sides, I’ve decided to combine my thirst for knowledge with my knack for communication and bring you what I do know whilst learning more myself. Continue reading “Spice Cabinet Deep Dive: Bay Leaves”

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Leftover Roundup: Baked Bean Stuffed Tomatoes

If you’re like me and tend to make way more food than you actually need for any get together, this week may find you with an entire extra pan of baked beans. Fortunately for me, I also have a man who will likely eat them all. But why not change it up a bit? Or, at the very least, increase the nutrient density so that it steals a bit of glory from the salt, sugar, and fat… Not that those things aren’t necessary, but I think you know what I’m getting at.

Looking around for other things on their way out, I realized I still had a bunch of vine ripened tomatoes left that were just chillin’ in my fruit bowl and a huge tub of fresh spinach in the back of my refrigerator. At first, I was thinking stuffed peppers, but we just had stuffed peppers and eh, I don’t know. Tomatoes provided the perfect alternative – and they were little so I could serve them as a side with my meatloaf tonight! So here’s what I did…

Continue reading “Leftover Roundup: Baked Bean Stuffed Tomatoes”

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Kitchen Sink Weekly #6

This was one of those weeks where I changed my mind a few times. Making “healthier” options but still wanting a variety of flavors is a tough transition sometimes when you’re already eating relatively well, so I’d been using some go-to items and finding myself reaching for the same ones over and over. I’m by no means a picky eater but, when I start to feel like I’m eating the same thing every day, I get bored and then I don’t really feel like cooking. So I changed it up a bit mid-week. Continue reading “Kitchen Sink Weekly #6”

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Pantry Raid: Spice Cabinet

Hey all! 🙂

Since changing the format of KS Weekly, it seems redundant to me to post my menus ahead of time as I have been on Mondays, so I decided to post a feature or recipe instead in it’s place. This also gives me the option to tweak my menu as I please without feeling like I have to go back and edit the posted version.

This week, we have a Pantry Raid. Where I take everything out of my cabinet and show you what I’ve got and why. Below you’ll find an inventory of my spice cabinet. I’ve had this post queued up for a little while now so a few of my mains have changed appearance, I’ve switched to the big Sam’s Club sizes of onion, garlic, and Italian seasoning, and I’m trying a new brand of Herbes de Provence, for instance – but it’s the same stuff so didn’t really warrant a re-shoot.

I will say that I try not to buy more than I’ll use in a year, even if it’s a little cheaper. Of course, sometimes buying more can’t be helped, but I’d really rather have everything fresher. Even dried herbs and spices will lose their flavor over time, especially in an open container. Continue reading “Pantry Raid: Spice Cabinet”

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KS Weekly #5

In streamlining my process and trying to automate as much as possible I’ve decided to make a move from Trello to another method of sharing, using CopyMeThat. If you’ve never heard of it, CopyMeThat is a recipe keeping and meal planning app for web and mobile. Which already makes it more convenient for my purposes. It’s pretty neat, saving me quite a few keystrokes compared to writing in Markdown as required by Trello. In addition to traditional recipe keeping, I can use it to organize the week (or several at a time), print, and make grocery lists. The latter function isn’t super intelligent, so it doesn’t eliminate duplicates, but manually consolidating duplicate lines is still a lot less work than writing the list out myself and checking it 3 times to make sure I did the math right and didn’t miss anything. Bottom line? Time for a format change. Continue reading “KS Weekly #5”