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Kitchen Sink Weekly #9

A day late, but I’ve got it! Our poor kitty had a vet appointment and then surgery this week so that kind of knocked out some time that I would have spent prepping for you guys.
Just a head’s up, this one is rice heavy. My Dad gave me a couple varieties of forbidden rice (red and black/purple) which he was too afraid to try 😛 So I started researching their uses (which are basically the same as any other rice so you can use whatever you have on hand or substitute other grains like quinoa or millet if you have those) and we tried them out!  Continue reading “Kitchen Sink Weekly #9”

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Kitchen Sink Weekly #6

This was one of those weeks where I changed my mind a few times. Making “healthier” options but still wanting a variety of flavors is a tough transition sometimes when you’re already eating relatively well, so I’d been using some go-to items and finding myself reaching for the same ones over and over. I’m by no means a picky eater but, when I start to feel like I’m eating the same thing every day, I get bored and then I don’t really feel like cooking. So I changed it up a bit mid-week. Continue reading “Kitchen Sink Weekly #6”

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KS Weekly #5

In streamlining my process and trying to automate as much as possible I’ve decided to make a move from Trello to another method of sharing, using CopyMeThat. If you’ve never heard of it, CopyMeThat is a recipe keeping and meal planning app for web and mobile. Which already makes it more convenient for my purposes. It’s pretty neat, saving me quite a few keystrokes compared to writing in Markdown as required by Trello. In addition to traditional recipe keeping, I can use it to organize the week (or several at a time), print, and make grocery lists. The latter function isn’t super intelligent, so it doesn’t eliminate duplicates, but manually consolidating duplicate lines is still a lot less work than writing the list out myself and checking it 3 times to make sure I did the math right and didn’t miss anything. Bottom line? Time for a format change. Continue reading “KS Weekly #5”

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Kitchen Sink Weekly #4

Here it is 🙂 

It’s been a pretty quiet week and I’ve taken advantage of the time to get caught up on some cleaning and studying. I’m sure everyone’s ready for summer but I’ve been loving the rainy days in spite of my allergies being terrible.

My phone has been having a couple issues with saving photos so I’m missing the ones I took for the Kielbasa Chili and the salad that went along with it! I reused the picture of the cheesy spinach salad because the dressing is basically the same so it will look very similar – but it will be prettier, with little cranberries floating around like jewels.

Otherwise, this menu falls a bit on the southwestern side with a vegetarian enchilada skillet and sweet and spicy chipotle pork chops. But there are non-spicy options!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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Kitchen Sink Weekly #3

I gotta say, I took it pretty easy on myself last week – Most of this stuff comes together relatively quickly and without a ton of cutting board time. So much so that I almost forgot about the salad I made on Saturday. (And it was really good!)

It’s a rather oven-centric menu, which usually happens on weeks when I know I will not have time to linger too much in the kitchen. Hence the slow cooker and the oven – toss it in and walk away! It’s usually easier to clean up as well since I foil my baking dishes, so I don’t spend a lot of time scrubbing pots and pans.

Let me know what you think: does using the oven feel like more of a chore to you?

Edit: I know the picture says private, but it’s a public board, I promise! 

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KSW #2 (Now on Facebook!)

Next week’s menu is up and running. I’ve updated a few things, including having pictures for each meal. I may have a tiny bit of tinkering to do and one or two more workflow tips to add, but the recipes and grocery lists are up, so have at it and let me know what you think.

I also made a Facebook Page so it’ll be easier to like and share, plus you can ask questions through messenger or post pictures if you make any of the recipes – which I’d definitely love to see!