Posted in meal planning

I’m Moving!

Ugh. Sorry for the long absence. I’m so glad winter seems to be coming to a close because it has been a rough one. I just wanted to hop on and say, in addition to moving house within the next month, I’m planning on moving this blog and merging it with my personal blog so I can post whatever I want in a single place. I’ve had several friends ask for posts specific not only to food and meal planning, but my skincare routine and bullet journal as well.

By Summer I plan to have a more lifestyle themed and independently hosted site up and running. If anyone has suggestions as to decently priced and reliable hosting, please drop a comment as I seem to only be able to find horror stories that have kept me from pulling the trigger for months!

If you’re still following, know that I appreciate you and hope you’ve had a lovely, warm spiked hot chocolate and cookie filled winter season.

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