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Kitchen Sink Weekly #9

A day late, but I’ve got it! Our poor kitty had a vet appointment and then surgery this week so that kind of knocked out some time that I would have spent prepping for you guys.
Just a head’s up, this one is rice heavy. My Dad gave me a couple varieties of forbidden rice (red and black/purple) which he was too afraid to try 😛 So I started researching their uses (which are basically the same as any other rice so you can use whatever you have on hand or substitute other grains like quinoa or millet if you have those) and we tried them out! 

Here’s the Grocery list to print or copy and paste into Google Keep.  As usual, salt, pepper, and cooking oils have been removed so be sure to make sure you have your favorites on hand and don’t forget to edit if you are doing substitutions.

Here we go!


Pork Chops and Forbidden Red Rice with Steamed Veggies 

I’ve been broiling everything lately, it heats up my kitchen so much less than baking or even stovetop cooking because it’s a quicker flash of heat. These came out tender and so yum I might never pan sear again! The red rice was our favorite of the two, it has a slightly sweeter almost fruity note to it. Obviously, you can use whatever kind of rice you’d like or omit it for a second veggie or salad if you don’t want so much rice!


Kitchen Sink Stillet (Somewhere between a skillet and a stew)

As you guys know, every once in a while I end up with odds and ends of ingredients that aren’t really enough to make an entire dish – so I end up throwing them together with a strong flavor to unite them. This was one of those times. I pulsed up a can of chipotle chilis with some chicken broth for a nice punch our favorite spicy smokey flavor. It was very tasty, a little too thick to be a skillet, but too thin to be a stew. I guess it’s sort of like a chili.
If you don’t do spicy food, be sure to read the substitutions at the bottom, you still have options. 🙂


Pineapple-Teriyaki Chicken Tacos and Pineapple-Lime Salad 

Inspired by this month’s handout from my local Weis grocery store, this was so easy and so good. Very refreshing on a hot day when I didn’t want to use the oven or the stove.


Forbidden Rice Bowl 

Light and refreshing with that bright lemon vinaigrette, if you’re into heavier dinners this might better suit you as a make-ahead or Sunday-prep lunch. It has the added convenience of being tasty served hot or cold. Under the wrong light, this fancy-pants rice looks – as my Honey so eloquently put it – “like crushed up bugs”, but under the right light, it’s beautiful! A very deep, almost glossy, purple eggplant-ish hue. The taste and texture are almost exactly like brown rice; if you blindfolded me and gave me a spoonful of each I probably couldn’t tell the difference.


Sorry for the delay, guys. I’m doing my best. If you try making forbidden rice or if you’ve had it before, let me know what you think!


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