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KS Weekly #5

In streamlining my process and trying to automate as much as possible I’ve decided to make a move from Trello to another method of sharing, using CopyMeThat. If you’ve never heard of it, CopyMeThat is a recipe keeping and meal planning app for web and mobile. Which already makes it more convenient for my purposes. It’s pretty neat, saving me quite a few keystrokes compared to writing in Markdown as required by Trello. In addition to traditional recipe keeping, I can use it to organize the week (or several at a time), print, and make grocery lists. The latter function isn’t super intelligent, so it doesn’t eliminate duplicates, but manually consolidating duplicate lines is still a lot less work than writing the list out myself and checking it 3 times to make sure I did the math right and didn’t miss anything. Bottom line? Time for a format change.
The menu will be listed with photos below, and I still imported the grocery list into a GoogleDoc for you to save, print, or copy and paste into GoogleKeep. I’ve been researching different apps for a few days to find something that met all of our needs and I think overall this will be a much better experience as, even in a mobile browser, the recipes are concise, clean, and easy on the eyes.

I should mention that CopyMeThat will be moving to new servers within the month due to some recent downtime, but their support team is incredibly responsive so I see no reason to wait. In the meantime, if you have any problems, let me know, I have all my recipes backed up and I can absolutely email or message you a copy if need be.

Also, I know I said we were going to focus more on a different type of eating, yet there’s meat in all but one of these recipes! First of all, I am already in the habit of going super lean with everything, so sausage and bacon are always turkey, pork is usually tenderloin or boneless loin chops, and chicken is 99% fat free. Secondly, I tend to stock up on things when they go on sale, so I do have food I need to use up before we go too hardcore – which we probably won’t anyway. I have never been a fan of super restrictive diets so, more than anything, we’ve increased our activity level, cut back even further on fats and bread (No pizza or beef and hardly any cheese!), and increased our intake of fresh foods and dietary fiber.

Enjoy! ❤


Herb Crusted Chicken over Quinoa 


Spanish Inspired Chickpea and Spinach Stew 


Turkey Taco Skillet 


As you can see, my salmon came out with a lot of albumin (white stuff). It doesn’t hurt the flavor or anything and is common in fatty fish, but I’ve been looking into it because it certainly isn’t pretty. Next time I’ll brine it for a little while before cooking to see if that helps.


Cilantro Lime Salmon and White Bean Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

I don’t have a picture of the last one, but it’s completely my fault because I was too busy to eat all day which left me so hungry that I just forgot to take one! Honestly, though it was quite tasty, it wasn’t anything fancy – a workhorse meal and a great one-pot weeknight dinner. We had ours with leftover salmon.

Red Beans and Brown Rice 

Last, but oh so important: Grocery List on GoogleDocs

  • Quick fyi: I’ve starred the categories so they’re easier to pick through and, since (oddly) they don’t have the actual option, “International” is now “Other”.


Have at it and let me know what you guys think! 🙂


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