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This week really got away from me. I’m so sorry, I haven’t forgotten about you! I was under the weather for the first few days and spent the rest trying to catch up. I’ve still been having a terrible time with my camera as well. I think I’ve finally rigged a solution, but that won’t get me pictures of food I no longer have! So, instead of giving you a half-baked menu, I’ve decided to publish the best of what I do have as individual features during this week and start fresh the following week.
In addition, it’s a bit of an opportunity to reset: we’re changing up our food-style over here so you may notice more fish, meatless or vegetarian dishes, and alternative protein like beans and grains.

Again I’m so sorry, guys. But life happens. I’m looking forward to trying some new (and even more nutritious) things to share with you and hope you’ll stick around. If there’s anything you’d like to see, as always, leave a comment or shoot me a message.

I hope everyone’s had a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Well…

  1. So sorry you were not feeling well, but glad you are better. Your ideas of less-meat centric meals will offer up lots of interesting and appealing combinations for everyone to try. You Cook Girl!

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