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@atkitchensink Weekly – #1

I made a thing. Here it is.

After a few more requests to share more specific planning and recipes, it seemed like the best idea would be simply to show my work. Here is a week’s worth of menu planning on a Trello board. Including recipes, grocery list by store department, and prep day tasks. If you’re a Trello user you can clone and rearrange it to your liking, or comment directly to the original board with questions, suggestions, or… well… comments. If you want to reach me privately, you can do that through the Contact page.

If you’re not a Trello user, the sign up is pretty simple. Or you can just use the recipes as is. I’m going to try to have them out weekly by Thursday so you have a little leeway to do your own planning.

Let me know if you try it out! I’d love to hear feedback and suggestions.

P.S. I wasn’t originally going to post this one, so, for anyone who already has it, I changed the number from “0” to “1”. This means that, if you’re following weekly, next week will be #2, and you won’t have missed one.


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