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A Different Approach + Some Tipz & Tricks

Micro Meal Planning, a new variant on the meal-planning horizon, may be a more efficient way for you if you’re only planning for one or two people, don’t really care to cook every night, or change your mind often about what you’re feeling for dinner. For those who still find themselves hesitant, it’s a good way to dip your toe into the proverbial meal planning pool as it employs the same principals of choosing a meal and doing the grocery thing – but on a much smaller scale.
So if you’re curious, but it’s a major possibility that you’ll change your mind and decide planning is not the way for you, Micro Meal Planning makes it less likely that you find yourself with a kitchen full of food you’re probably not going to eat before it’s too late.

If you think it might be worth a shot, check out this piece from

I’ve unknowingly incorporated some of the principals in my own planning routine, such as using what I have on hand and leaving room for a fluctuating schedule, but they go into a bit more detail about why those work well in a micro-plan.

Switching gears, if you’re like me and you tend to wish every meal was a carb fest, you might really value your pasta night but also feel super guilty about it because it isn’t generally considered “healthy” (I prefer “nutritious” over the ambiguity of “healthy” but we won’t get into that right now).
There are definitely ways to get around this, including swapping out ground beef and pork for leaner turkey or chicken, and tossing in way more veggies than it seems would be prudent. After drafting one of my own, I stumbled across this article explaining 6 Ways to Make Pasta Fast, Cheap, and Healthy – and I want to make all of the recipes pictured so I decided to share this article instead. Free yourself from carb shaming and enjoy every nutritious bite.

Lastly, switching gears again, if you’ve read a few of my recipes it won’t be hard to recognize my love of aluminum foil. It has saved me an indeterminable amount of cleanup over the years and I am forever thankful. That said, imagine my joy at finding 8 More Uses for one of my favorite kitchen tools! WHAAAT?!

I know, I’m a nerd. Please ignore that and go sharpen some scissors with foil because, apparently, you can.


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