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Is what my Instagram post says.

What it does not say is “I spent eight hours poring over articles and looking at examples of how to re-write my resume and LinkedIn profile, wrote 3 cover letters, applied for 5 jobs, and somewhere in there, a sinus migraine snuck up on me. So, when I got up to do a little housework and get dinner going – and nearly vomited from the disorientation, I was really glad I bought this shrimp ring…” But that is the whole of it. Admittedly, my disappointment in a job opportunity that I worked on for the majority of the past two weeks, but eventually did not pan out has gotten me a little out of sorts. Not in an I-give-up kind of way, but with renewed determination to get enough code under my belt to be hireable – and I’ve been tunnel visioning pretty hard.

This week’s menu has gone like this:

  • Monday: Leftovers
  • Tuesday: Chicken Bacon Pesto Pasta
  • Wednesday: Leftover Roundup: Shredded Chipotle Barbecue Pork Pizza with pickled peppers, onions, and black olives
  • Thursday (Pictured Above): Shrimp cocktail, Manchego and Aged Sharp Cheddar Cheeses, Turkey Kielbasa, Pear Slices, and Celery with Multi-Grain Crackers

As for tonight? I have some chicken tenders I need to use (raw ones, not breaded), so I’ll probably do something with those. I didn’t make a plan this week, and I will say I definitely do miss having it figured out ahead. But I’ll get back on track this week for sure. I just wanted to offer a little peek into the background as proof that it’s not always easy for me, either. As a perfectionist, I used to beat myself up over a miss like this, but I’ve gotten a lot better; it’s not the end of the world, but something I can definitely pick back up. In fact, if I hadn’t said anything no one but my Love would be the wiser, but that wasn’t the point.

I have to give myself a break, as I would give anyone else.
If I can start over, so can you – and I don’t just mean with food.
No one has it all together all the time.



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