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Weekcap – March 13-19

I usually have to take into account that The Honey has an extended schedule a couple days a week; classes or meetings on Tuesday and Thursday, and a tele-meeting after he gets home Wednesdays that make a timely meal important.

Last week he ended up having a second meeting after class on Thursday and didn’t get home until 10. I didn’t really feel like eating, or cooking, so I didn’t make dinner. We had champagne and celery sticks!

I also tried a sourdough recipe during the week and rounded up those leftovers for garlic bread with the spaghetti.

Then, yesterday, on something of a whim – we found ourselves wandering the grocery store trying to decide whether to get something to make or grab sushi…
The Honey picked up a steak, some baby bella mushrooms, and some popcorn shrimp and made dinner himself. As I’ve said, he’s an excellent cook, he’s just not that into cooking. He made cocktail sauce for the shrimp, baked a couple of potatoes, sauteed the mushrooms with onions to top the steaks, and garnished everything with a bright handful of chopped green onion. I’m drooling just thinking about it again….


It was perfectly medium-rare, but I was too busy stuffing my face to get a picture



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